July 12, 2019


Black Women in Science and Engineering (BWISE) and blackcomputeHER are tackling the data science talent gap. Pathways to and incorporating data science are supported through a cohort-based structure, that offers data science trainings, coaching and peer mentoring...

May 31, 2019

ASA Symposium on Data Science and Statistics

Invited Talk: Linguistic Diversity in NLP Session, Slides

Abstract --- Free expression on social media has awaken many often-silenced voices, especially those from marginalized groups. One such example of organized quiet...

May 22, 2019

On May 6th, I received the good news via a phone call from Dr. Mary Schmidt Campbell, President of Spelman College. 

On May 15th, President Campbell announced publicly the faculty promotions at her State of the College address. 

Today, this year's faculty promo...

January 30, 2019


I have been asked about data science curriculum development and delivery at the undergraduate level frequently over the past two years. The path forward is quite mirky. I am hopeful that this blog post provides a specific, relevant and actionable blueprint....

January 25, 2019

Today, I spoke at this month's Women in Data Science event @ Kennesaw State University about our data mindset. A rather diverse group of data practitioners and professionals (see the above photo) engaged in a robust conversation about equitable participation, access, i...

November 20, 2017

We are familiar with what both sides want by the end of the term. The educators want the students to learn the course materials. The students want to receive an A in the course. These two desires are not always associated. But as the course instructor, you seek to corr...

September 16, 2017

September 21, 2017 

4:30-6:00 pm 

Tapley 227

Spelman College 

Session Description

Dr. David James, Assistant Professor of Practice at George Washington University, will discuss and demonstrate how algorithms and loops are integral to creating Hip-Hop and R&B songs. Workshop...

December 31, 2016

Proper data generation, collection, storage and analysis are expected, yet mostly untaught, skills in the undergraduate experience. One bottleneck to a field’s growth is the handling and interpretation of the data created and gathered. While most, if not all, disciplin...

August 2, 2015

Computing is social. Really?!? That's not true. Computing, computer science, compsci, CS is a bunch of socially awkward unattractive white and Asian males sitting by themselves staring at a computer screen all day, everyday coding. And coding...that's hard and I think...

February 7, 2015

Fall 2014 marked the beginning of my tenure at Spelman College, a four-year liberal arts HBCU women's college. One of the courses I taught was Data Structures, commonly known as Computer Science II (CS2). While I reviewed the more finalized version of the CS2 syllabus...

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