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CELL PRESS | Published 12/28/2020

Hi, there! I'm Brandeis Marshall.

I'm a rebel tech educator, scholar and practitioner who has taught over 1500 people in computing and data across 3 academic institutions. It took me 20+ years though! As an openly Black education activist, I focus on educating and producing scholarship that amplifies Black women thriving in data and tech careers. In standard teaching lessons and innovation work, Black women’s contributions weren’t featured nor the social impact lens that affects Black women. So I highlighted Black brilliance and added current social context in my lessons and research. My classroom discussions turned into mentoring and coaching sessions for late-stage college students to tenured academics. For example, I co-ran the Broadening Participation in Data Mining 2-day program from 2012-2016. About 200 college and graduate minoritized students learned and grew their data mining understanding through tech seminars, mentoring activities and networking circles. 


I realized that the gaslighting patterns and confidence struggles -- the disrespect of women, especially Black women, has to stop! So, I became an entrepreneur and started my business DataedX (pronounced data-ed-x). DataedX, at its core, counteracts automated oppression efforts with eye-opening instruction for organization’s team members and for Black women. 

DataedX primarily offers services to help companies improve their data equity practices. They conduct trainings and develop strategies to build just data fluency from the entry-level worker to the C-Suite executive. In 2019, I co-created BeyondOne, DataedX’s data prep online community for Black women, to provide a safe haven to grow, share or pivot in data regardless of their profession. BeyondOne continues my advocacy in reaching Black women globally to understand how discrimination in data is made and finding ways to cope and combat it.  


Why data? Because data is fueling the algorithms that’s making the tech and that tech is perpetuating harm to Black women. We can end this relentless cycle with culturally responsible data education and intentional processes dissemination.

B.S. Computer Science, UofR

M.S./PhD Computer Science, RPI

computer science x data wing


race & feminism & class;

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HBS DI/GI Talk | February 2021 | Just Digital Future Event

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